Special needs training

How we do?

Leveraging the power of Virtual Reality to develop a supplementary method of teaching social and communication skills for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), our VR learning tool is fun and engaging for the user, while allowing a supervising adult to monitor and track the user’s progress.

Lessons to Build Real World Skills

Developed by Floreoʼs team of experts, our virtual reality (VR) application, which is currently in a pilot phase with various institutions, provides immersive and engaging lessons based on established techniques intended to help individuals build real world skills.



Building Social Connections

Lessons to develop skills for better social reciprocity and engagement by practicing discrete skills.



Teaching Stories

 Interactive stories that teach users how to manage planned and unplanned scenarios in a way that is fun and effective.


Sensory-Based Tools

Calming and engaging environments to help users who may feel stress or experience sensory overload.