IT Services

Wherever you are, our experts can help you manage your IT Infrastructure!!!

Technology is not a luxury anymore! It has become a bare necessity for every business in Malaysia.

At NexBI Tech Sdn Bhd we understand that not every business in Malaysia is tech-savvy and have their own IT Admin. We help businesses to overcome this difficulty by providing Managed IT Services in Johor on your desktop/laptop at your convenience.

Do you use computers in your office but do not know how to maintain your computers and laptops?
Are you looking to outsource your It support or IT admin works?
Do you need help in removing viruses/malware in your computers?
Do you need to install software like AutoCAD or any high-end software and configure for all your employees?
Do you need to create a network of computers in your office so that all your employees can collaborate and work?
Do you need to install a server and provide shared folder access to your staff?

At NexBI Tech Sdn Bhd , we help manage your desktops and laptops that have become a very essential part of your business! We provide IT Admin services/Managed IT services in Malaysia at your convenience. We can either come to your place to fix the work and if you are not convenient with that, we can provide remote online support. Do you want to be billed hourly or do you want to be billed monthly / annually?

Still, need more clarifications, pick up your phone and talk to us!