IoT & Big Data

How we do?

Internet of Things


·         ReThe notion of IoT is to take a broad range of things and convert them into smart objects — anything from cars, watches, fridges and railway tracks. Normally, the products that wouldn’t be linked to the internet and able to acquire and manage data, are provided with computer chips and sensors for the purpose of gathering data. Nevertheless, unlike the chips utilized in mobile devices, smartphones and PCs, these chips are utilized mostly for collecting data that specifies product performance and customer usage patterns.



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Big Data

Big Data

When it is Big Data, it is always about volume, velocity and variety.


Now a days companies deal with huge chunk of data. 5 minutes of business can produce giga bytes of data.


Velocity is the rate at which the data flows into your organization and this is ever accelerating.


The majority of today’s data does not come in an organized fashion.

Keeping the three Vs in mind, NexBI professional help your business to design data based dashboards with the help of Power BI or QlikView, which in turn can save your company a lot of time.

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